Elizabeth Senger

Founder & CEO of Technical Service Center

Elizabeth Senger has been in IT for over 18 years, and throughout her career she has been dedicated to improving the customer service provided by technology departments. Elizabeth created the technical support center for Rotary International, and the software and procedures she developed for their IT department are now used to provide customer service for all of Rotary International’s 1.1 million members. She also reorganized technical support at Harvard University, and recreated the entire IT department for one of Chicago’s top law firms.

A skilled project manager, Elizabeth has also successfully led the implementation of over 400 different software packages ranging from large ERP implementations to smaller rollouts of graphic design packages. Her project management techniques have been adopted company-wide for every company she has worked for, and she has conducted project management classes at the senior management level.

As vice president of information technology for one of the leading online high schools in Arizona, Elizabeth led a team of skilled developers to create innovative solutions to foster e-learning throughout the district. From installing learning management systems to developing a completely online enrollment system for the district, she and her team were at the forefront of today’s K-12 technology.

Currently Elizabeth is the founder and owner of the Technical Service Center, an IT consulting firm bringing affordable enterprise-level solutions to small and medium businesses through the valley. She is also active in the local business community through organizations such as Paradise Valley Networking, a business group that supports charities in the metro Phoenix area. She has also been featured in Who’s Who of Information Technology.

Technical Service Center LogoThe Technical Service Center focuses on providing business solutions, not just technology solutions. Instead of a “one-size-fits-all” approach, we customize each of our solutions to meet the specific goals of your business. Ways in which we can help your business grow include:

  • Creating a multi-year technology plan to make your technology expenses more predictable, which saves you money and prevents down-time from equipment failures
  • Installing mobile technology solutions to meet your technology needs “on the road”, which can improve your customer service and increase your billable hours.
  • Maintaining your network and server infrastructure in accordance with industry-leading best practices, which will reduce problems and make your technology more reliable.
  • Designing affordable websites that are not held hostage by the web designer, which puts you in control of your website.

All of our solutions come with jargon-free explanations in clear English. No computer wizards that disappear in a flash and leave you with a bill! All of our technicians have been security-screened using the same background checks schools districts use, and have years of real-world experience.

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