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Friday June 25, 9:51 am

chess pieces only CROPPEDA brand is a set of perceptions, experiences and expectations that people have and hold about working or doing business with an individual, a company, a community, a region or an organization. It is entirely subjective on their part and it is based on experience, exposure and interpretation. Strong brands are clear, confident and consistent and they communicate clearly, confidently and consistently — online and off. They claim a position of value in the prospect’s mind and work tirelessly to build and maintain top of mind awareness. They inspire trust and confidence always.

Successful brands have thoughtful branding strategies directing their growth. A positioning statement is at the core of every branding strategy. Branding is the execution of the positioning statement. Effective brands make a clear promise and provide a clear and believable ‘reason why’. The effectiveness of everything that follows relies on the success of the positioning effort and strategy. Absolutely everything …. Lori Martinek, Branding Expert & Author,




Friday October 23, 12:19 am

Lori for WebsiteWelcome to the MindingHerBiz website and blog. Today, as it happens, was our monthly session day in Phoenix, where we met with a non-profit candidate. The Core Team meets once a month to work with a female entrepreneur who is starting or working to grow a business (or, in this case, an organization). Today was our ninth session. We introduced the MindingHerBiz concept in January of this year.

This blog will feature posts from the MindingHerBiz core team: experts and specialists who have started and run their own businesses and want to help other female entrepreneurs succeed. Visit the Who We Are Page on our website and meet the team: Lori Martinek, Branding, Marketing and Entrepreneurship; Stephanie Fierro, Law; Lesley McCulley-Gates, HR; Cheryl Farmer, Accounting, Operations and Entrepreneurship; and Elizabeth Senger, Technology. It’s a well-rounded, experienced team that asks tough questions, gives insightful answers and exists to help you confront and move past the challenges of startup and growth. … Lori Martinek, Branding Expert & Author,