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provides free insights, input and brainstorming power to women who are working to start or grow a business. Our candidates are full owners or majority partners in an active or emerging women-owned (minimum 51% female ownership) venture.

We are always in the market for candidates to present to our women’s mastermind group, either in person or remotely. Talk to us. Tell us about the challenges that you face and where you’re trying to go. We’ll send you some paperwork. Ask you some questions. See if you’re ready to do the work. And then we’ll help.

This is our give back, to you. Use it. There’s no networking. No sales. No ongoing mentoring or coaching services to buy or to use. It’s a one-time opportunity to put your concept front and center, in front of a tough team of entrepreneurs who want to see you succeed. Really.

We are successful women working to help other women reach their goals. What a concept!

Businesswoman with EmployeesHow To Become a Candidate

Email Founder and Team Leader Lori Martinek with questions or to express your interest in being a candidate. We suggest that you download and review the candidate forms before applying. If you are accepted, a team member will be assigned to assist you and you will be scheduled for a session date.

There is no cost to participate in a brainstorming session.

To our SBDC and SBA partners: provides one-time, high-powered brainstorming sessions that set the stage for and complement new or ongoing counseling services to small business owners. Candidates: Learn more about SBDC counseling services and SBA small business programs here.


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