We’ve been busy. It has been more than a year since was founded and our team has worked with women who are creating or building companies in consumer goods manufacturing, marketing and sales; entrepreneurial development and services; energy and wellness franchising; retailing; corporate wellness and benefits; consumer goods wholesaling, chain distribution and online marketing; and consulting and referral services. (And that’s just naming a few!)

Here’s what some of our candidates have to say about how helped their businesses:

Dawn Bennington Bejar of Benedict’s Cafe/Catering: Dawn writes:

I recently met with Lori and the women from MindingHerBiz. What an awesome experience! It can be tough being a small business owner, due to the fact that there are so few qualified people to share ideas, answer questions and help navigate the road. The MHB team helped me to clarify my path to grow with constructive feedback and actionable ideas. These women are smart and qualified with tremendous experience. Their objective input was very beneficial to me. I highly recommend MHB for anyone who desires success!”

Dawn Kennington Bejar
Benedict’s Cafe/Catering

Nina Laveen of Kinkz Corporate Massage: Nina and her business partner Nancy Walterscheid were our MindingHerBiz entrepreneurs in May. Nina writes:

What a dynamic group of women. We were so impressed with the process. So much was accomplished in just 90 minutes, it was unbelievable. We walked away with ideas that we could immediately implement to help accelerate our business. We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to help us.”
Nina and Nancy
Kinkz Corporate Massage

Amy Halm of Chickbait, Inc. Amy was our candidate in June 2009. Amy writes:

As a former corporate executive turned entrepreneur, I have pretty much “seen it all” in business—target marketing, crisis management, quarterly report chaos, executive blunders — you get the picture. So I really didn’t expect any surprises when I agreed to meet with four brilliant C-level women, all from different backgrounds, who conduct what they call “MindingHerBiz” meetings. They offered to take a look at a business problem and give me suggestions. In a little less than two hours, I was stunned to find out that despite my extensive background in marketing and PR, I was narrowing my own market to the choking point…and even with my awe-inspiring ad campaigns and news coverage, I was aiming WAY too low to accomplish what this business is really capable of achieving.

Somehow, in the most innocuous way possible, this group yanked me out of my cocoon, opened my eyes to how I was limiting my own success and sent me on my way with executable actions that REALLY will have a positive impact. Our MindingHerBiz meeting was a milestone for our business and one I look forward to seeing as a turning point as well!”

Amy Halm, Chief Executive Chick

Sonia Graham of Start Up Now: Sonia was one of our early candidates. Sonia writes:

The MindingHerBiz group actually pulled together an emergency meeting to assist me with some difficult questions I was facing a few months ago. The group was wonderful, professional, and provided extremely valuable suggestions and advice. I have slowly begun to implement the numerous suggestions I received to great effect. Thank you to the MindingHerBiz group. This is a powerful and exceptional group of professional women. Everyone should take the opportunity to use the brain power they so generously offer.”

Sonia Graham
Start Up Now

This is from Marissa Swan, who was our candidate in August 2009. Marissa writes:

MindingHerBiz: Truly a MastHerMind Group. In a word: Wow. This group of classy ladies is truly a wealth of hit-you-in-every-area knowledge and experience.

I met with them recently, and they were sharp, very focused individuals. Getting expertise such as theirs was an amazing, somewhat intimidating, and very necessary step in the furthering of my business endeavor. As Lori mentioned, they did not tell me what I wanted to hear. Their go-back-to-the-drawing-board conclusion was discouraging, in that my secret hope of becoming an overnight success despite my lack of experience and huge gaps of knowledge was not implied. But it was very encouraging, because I can only trust a group that tells me the truth, and their truth was that a modified form of my endeavor was definitely worth pursuing.

The group’s honesty and comprehensive expertise set me in some better, clearer directions, and thus set me up for higher chance of success. That honesty shows their integrity as a group, their care for my success, and their desire to see great ideas and innovations on the market. During that meeting, they must have given me at least 15 things to research and implement; within two weeks after my meeting with them, I’ve begun a significant amount. One of the two individuals I brought to the meeting came to gain general business insight, and left the meeting much more knowledgeable, and more motivated into concrete action than I’ve seen from him in two years!

The women of MindingHerBiz provide an invaluable service that I was blessed to obtain. My deep appreciation for their taking the time to meet with me and be instrumental in my future success.”

Marissa Swan
Global Technology and Development

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