What MindingHerBiz Can Do For You

Amazing energy, dynamic discussion, high-powered brainstorming and light bulbs going off all around the room — that’s what it’s like to participate in a power cell presentation. The team offers experience and insights in a wide range of disciplines, delivered in a fun, productive, no holds-barred setting.

Ladies, this is the good stuff: straight talk, real world advice, practical things that you can do now … today … tomorrow … and from this point forward to make a BIG difference in your business. Since we came together in January 2009, the team has helped candidates understand how to:

    Business Team Meeting

  • Determine who their Ideal Customer is and how to reach out to them effectively;
  • Turn a so-so business plan into a recipe for competitive success;
  • Build a hard-hitting, successful marketing strategy;
  • Focus and prioritize in order to optimize resource use;
  • Understand what they are actually selling … it’s not as simple as you may think!
  • Work through the challenges of startup and franchising;
  • Address the issues that come with growth;
  • Bring a new consumer product to market and identify core customers;
  • Protect their interests in matters of partnership and referrals; and
  • Learn how to stand out in a crowded marketplace!

How It Works

Women Reviewing Reports meets once a month in a modern, well-equipped meeting facility at AVR, Inc. in Phoenix. Candidates make a brief presentation on their existing business or concept. The bulk of their 90-minute session is devoted to discussion, brainstorming, questions, answers and suggested strategies. Candidates tell us what type of input they are looking for before they arrive to ensure that they leave their session with what they need to start moving forward.

Scheduled candidates receive preliminary worksheets to complete and a team member helps them prepare for their session. If you are seleected, you will be asked to sign a disclaimer and a confidentiality agreement, which protects both you and the MindingHerBiz team.

This fall, we introduced remote conference capabilities which enable MindingHerBiz to work with candidates across the country. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about this option.  Free videoconferencing software makes it all possible.